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Forgiveness"To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you." (author unknown). Forgiveness is one of the core principles of most spiritual and religious belief systems. And while the practice of forgiveness may seem to be a simple undertaking, generally speaking, it's not that simple. Because when we're in judgment, that judgment almost always carries with it an associated emotional reaction. A reaction that is embedded deep into our subconscious mind as well as into cellular memory. Being in judgment of ourselves or others is a programmed behavior or habit. And as we all know, habits can be difficult to break. The Forgiveness self-hypnosis mp3 is designed to help you forgive yourself and others, but it's also designed to help you to let go of your judgments as well as the associated emotional reactions that accompany them.

There are three techniques used in the Forgiveness mp3, each of which are designed to accelerate the forgiveness process. First, there is a visualization for speaking your truth and expressing your feelings; then there's a simple energy alignment technique designed to help let go of associated negative feelings; and third, there's a visual reprogramming technique used to help reprogram your subconscious mind as well as the cells of your body.

Visualization to speak your truth and express your feelings - This visualization is designed to help you let go of the emotional feelings associated with the specific judgment you're choosing to let go of. This simple self-visualization allows you to use your imagination to speak your truth and express your feelings. For various reasons, it's not always easy to say the things you need to say to someone. This visualization gives you a safe, controlled setting to say whatever it is you feel needs to be said and gives you the opportunity to fully express your feelings. You can also use this visualization to ask for forgiveness to someone for something you may have done.

Energy Alignment - This is an energy alignment technique designed to help you to let go of the negative emotional reactions that often accompany your judgment. Below are the three steps for the energy alignment technique used in the Forgiveness mp3:

Step one - Visualize the circumstance that triggers your judgment along with the associated emotional feelings that accompany your judgment. Allow the feelings to come up for you.

Step two - Alternate tapping your thighs with the tips of your fingers. Tap your right thigh with the tips of the fingers on your right hand, and tap your left thigh with the tips of your fingers on your left hand. Alternate tapping each of your thighs in a rhythmic cadence. And as you tap your thighs, raise your eyes upward and look at your eyebrows from within, keeping your eyelids shut tight.

Step three - Now, as you alternate tapping your thighs and looking at your eyebrows from within, repeat your acceptance statement. Your acceptance statement describes the event or circumstance that requires forgiveness. Here are a few examples: If it's something you've said or done, it might go like this, "I got angry and yelled at my mother." If it's something someone else has said or done, your statement might be, "Susan made fun of me in front of my friends." Describe the event or circumstance as simply and directly as you can.

There is a second round of energy alignment during the session that uses the same instructions as above, with one small difference. You will be using a forgiveness statement instead of an acceptance statement. This statement will always begin with the phrase "even though," followed by your acceptance statement, and then completed with the phrase, "I love and accept myself completely." So here are two forgiveness statements based on the acceptance statements mentioned above:

Even though I got angry and yelled at my mother, I love and accept myself completely.
Even though Susan made fun of me in front of my friends, I love and accept myself completely.

This energy alignment technique helps to lessen your emotional reaction to the event or circumstance that triggers your judgment.

Visual Reprogramming - This visualization technique helps develop the practice of allowance (non-judgment). You'll begin by visualizing the event or circumstance that triggers your judgment (along with the associated emotional feelings) while focusing on being in a calm, relaxed state. The more you practice this, the more the calm, relaxed, non-judgmental "you" becomes deeply ingrained within your subconscious mind. And the more you'll begin reacting to situations (that normally bring up your judgments) as the calm, relaxed, non-judgmental you. During a second visual reprogramming segment, you will be asked to send feelings of love to everyone involved.

The instructions in the Forgiveness mp3 are specific and easy to follow. My 84-year-old mother had no trouble following the instructions when she listened to the mp3.

The Forgiveness self-hypnosis hypnotherapy mp3 is over 18 minutes in length and is a 17 MB file. Background music is Autumn Glade, a beautiful, light composition from Chestnut Mills. Please read our disclaimer page before purchasing any of our products. We offer a 60-day money back guarantee on all our products.

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